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Veterans County 2024

The following squad of players have been selected to represent Staffordshire in the 2024 Veterans County Championship.


1. Cliff Johnson

2. Gordon Hawkins

3. Kevin Handley

4. Steve Davis

5. Ian Charles

6. Peter Prescott

7. John Newey

8. Ian Porter

9. Gary Cooper

10. Jim Stuart

11. Allan Parsons

12. Clive Pittaway


From this squad, 8 players will be selected to play the first game and thereafter as circumstances dictate.


The format is as normal with the regional qualifying taking place on July 11th 2024 at Newport Bowling Club, Newport, Shropshire.

Qualifying is on a "round robin" basis where we will play Shropshire (the hosts), Warwick & Worcester and North Mids.

The national finals will be held on August 1st 2024


Could we meet at Newport no later than 9.30 am on the 11th.


Could I take this opportunity to thank all who have expressed interest in selection but who have not been named in the squad.

I would like to extend those thanks to players who have played in previous years but not included for 2024.

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