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Welcome to the new home of Staffordshire CBA!

Here you will find all the important latest news regarding our county and COVID-19.

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Veteran County Selection - Expression of Interest

A message from Cliff Johnson: "If you are 60 years of age or over on or before 13th July 2023, registered for a club with primary affiliation to Staffordshire CBA and would like to be considered for

Free Funding for Clubs

DID YOUR CLUB GET ITS SHARE OF FREE FUNDING? Over £192,820 in free, unrestricted funding was paid to clubs last week from easyfundraising (and £1.2 Million in total to all good causes). In times like

Challenge Cup 2022

Pelsall v Willenhall Nordley A @ Bloxwich BC. Dudley Dell v Victoria Park @ Pennfields Top Green. Stile v Pennfields @ Woodfield No 2. Woodfield v Lichfield Road @ Essington BC. Willenhall Nordley B v


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